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The Ariana Loyalty Club portfolio is a growing collection of Rewards choices from which our qualified Passengers will be able to redeem Personalized Services, Flights, Travel Deals & Packages, and Partner Promotions for their Ariana Loyalty Miles. Ariana is initially offering flights to your favorite destinations, and Status upgrades to take advantage of early access to Partner Promotions.

Manage your personal Ariana Loyalty Club Account; track your Ariana Rewards, book Reward Tickets, and more exclusive Rewards, all at the convenience of your home or office by simply logging into your Ariana Loyalty Club Account with your Ariana Rewards Frequent Flyer Number and PIN. Members will be able to see most recent activity in updated Ariana Loyalty Club Account within seven days, and can only redeem Ariana Rewards if their Ariana Loyalty Club Account has sufficient Ariana Rewards Miles. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our frequent flyer program (FFP) Policies and the many Membership Tier Benefits you can enjoy as an ARIANA Rewards Member.

Loyalty Club Membership

  • Application for membership of Ariana Loyalty Club FFP is open to any individual who is at least 18 years of age. A corporation, firm, partnership or other entity is not eligible to become a Member.
  • Ariana may require additional information for Account validation purposes in respect of any change to a Member's personal details.
  • Ariana will issue a Member with a permanent membership number against which his or her miles will be accrued. The membership card may state an expiry date and, if so, is only valid for use up to that expiry date. The membership card may only be used by the Member named on that card.
  • Member Accounts will be available to a Member online while Ariana considers him or her to be an active Ariana Loyalty Club Member and will include information concerning Ariana Rewards Miles accrued, redeemed and expired
  • A membership card is not transferable and at all times remains the property of Ariana. A Member must return his or her membership card without delay to any Ariana Contact Centre whenever requested by Ariana or any other party acting on its behalf. A Member must immediately report a lost membership card to any Ariana Contact Centre.
  • Ariana gives no warranty or assurance in relation to such tax, duties or other liabilities. All tax, duties and other liabilities arising from the accumulation of Ariana Rewards Miles or the receipt and use of Ariana Rewards are and remain the sole responsibility of the Member and must be paid on the time of issuance of any Reward.
  • A Member may at any time cancel his or her membership by advising in writing or returning his or her membership card to any Ariana Contact Centre.
  • Membership is not transferable or not endorsable. A Member is not permitted to hold more than one Account. All Miles and Rewards under Ariana Loyalty Club FFP are accrued by or issued to the Member in his or her Member Account.
  • Ariana may in its absolute discretion suspend, cancel or terminate a membership or a member's accumulated Ariana Rewards Miles at any time. Ariana reserves the right to terminate the membership in the event of a breach of the Program Rules by a Member. Miles accumulated prior to termination in these circumstances will be immediately cancelled.
  • Members are responsible for keeping their name, e-mail and mailing addresses up to date on-line. Account changes requests, including personal information, must be submitted in writing to any Ariana Contact Centers with the account number and member’s signature. Failure to update member information may result in the cancellation of further mailings until accurate information is provided.
  • After Successful enrollment if any member wishes to change his/her name (minor modification), s/he has to send Email to or mail us at: In-charge, Ariana Loyalty Club Frequent Flyer Program, Ariana Afghan Airlines (Corporate Headquarters), Char-Rahi Shaheed, Shahr-e-Naw, P.O. Box # 76, Kabul, Afghanistan. The mail must be contains following information: Present Name, New Name, ARIANA REWARDS ID, Mobile No. & Email Address (email must be according to FFP account).

Earning Miles

Any Member’s total Ariana Loyalty Club Miles in Account is defined as the sum of Passenger FLIGHT Miles earned and BONUS Miles Rewarded. Flight Miles is the accrued Miles earned by our Passenger based on actual Miles flown. Bonus Miles is the accrued Miles Rewarded to our Passenger based on promotional offers such as Member-Tier Bonus and Ticket Class bonus.
NOTE: The miles shown here are estimates based on route segment distance and the actual miles earned may vary.
Sectors Cabin Class
(in either directions)
Economy Business
Kabul to Jeddah 2,040 3,060
Kabul to Moscow 2,095 3,140
Kabul to Mazar-I-Sharif 180 270
Kabul to Kandahar 285 430
Kabul to Istanbul 2,250 3,380
Kabul to Herat 400 600
Kabul to Ankara 2,035 3,050
Kabul to Dubai 1,035 1,550
Kabul to Delhi 630 950
Kandahar to Mazar-I-Sharif 355 530
Kandahar to Kabul 285 430
Kandahar to Dubai 760 1,140
Kandahar to Delhi 715 1,070
Kandahar to Jeddah 1,790 2,690
Herat to Dubai 745 1,120
Herat to Jeddah 1,670 2,510
Herat to Kabul 400 600
Herat to Moscow 1,870 2,810
Herat to Mazar-I-Sharif 315 470
Bonus Miles may be awarded according to Member’s Tier Status. Current offers are:
Membership Tier Bonus Miles Blue Silver Gold
Bonus Amount: 0% 15% 25%
Bonus Miles may be awarded according to Cabin Class. Current offers are:
Cabin Class Bonus Miles Economy Class Business Class
Miles Awarded: 100% 150%

Redeeming Miles

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Ariana Afghan Airlines makes it easier than ever to redeem your miles towards free tickets in as few as 5 trips. Loyalty Club Members enjoy priority service and recognition.

NOTE: The miles shown here are estimates based on route segment distance and the actual miles earned may vary.
Sectors Cabin Class
(in either direction)
Economy Business
Kabul to Jeddah 10200 15300
Kabul to Moscow 10480 15720
Kabul to Mazar-I-Sharif 1800 2700
Kabul to Kandahar 2850 4275
Kabul to Istanbul 11250 16875
Kabul to Herat 4000 6000
Kabul to Ankara 10180 15270
Kabul to Dubai 5180 7770
Kabul to Delhi 3150 4725
Kandahar to Mazar-I-Sharif 3550 5325
Kandahar to Kabul 2850 4275
Kandahar to Dubai 3800 5700
Kandahar to Delhi 3580 5370
Kandahar to Jeddah 8950 13425
Herat to Dubai 3730 5595
Herat to Jeddah 8350 12525
Herat to Kabul 4000 6000
Herat to Moscow 9350 14025
Herat to Mazar-I-Sharif 3150 4725

Tier Member Benefits

The Ariana Loyalty Club Program recognizes the Loyalty of our passengers through three Membership Tier Levels; Blue, Silver and Gold. Loyalty Club member accounts are reviewed and upgraded automatically according to Miles flown and account balances.

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Benefits Blue Silver Gold
Requred Miles 0 25,000 75,000
Earn Miles on all flights
Redeem Miles on all flights
Advanced seating reservation
Access to Exclusive Offers
First to know about News and Special Fares
Priority Check-in
Priority on the waitlist if a flight is full
Priority redemption availability
Additional free baggage allowance 10 kgs 20 kgs
Mileage Bonus 15% 25%
Lounge access for you and one companion
Best seats on the aircraft and an empty adjacent seat (if available)
Priority Baggage Handling (where available)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ariana's Frequent Flyer "Loyalty Club" Program?

Like many airlines, we offer a Frequent Flyer Membership. Ariana Loyalty Club™ makes it possible to reward our most loyal passengers with discounted airfares and special offers. Every time you fly, the mileage that you travel is reflected in your Loyalty Club account. You may redeem your Loyalty Club Miles once you have earned the required miles.

How do I earn Loyalty Club Miles?

You must be a member and have an account with the Ariana Loyalty Club program. Every time you complete a flight we will automatically credit your Loyalty Club account with the miles traveled. Your Frequent Flyer number must be entered along with your name at the time you make your reservation. If your FF# is not entered with your reservation and displayed on your eTicket, you may contact Ariana Afghan Airlines within 90 days of your flight, and the miles can be rewarded to your account at that time.

How many Loyalty Club do I need to redeem for travel? *

The number of miles required to redeem for travel varies depending on route. Special offers are available at various times, so log into your account and click the button to "Redeem Miles" to see the miles required for any route. View our Redeeming Miles page for more information.

How do you keep track of my Loyalty Club Miles?

Our systems update your Loyalty Club automatically within 14 days after you have completed a flight. We track all travel for which you have provided your membership number.

How can I see how many miles I have earned?

Absolutely. Simply log in to your account online or call us and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.

How many miles will I earn for each trip?

Miles are earned based on the distance between locations. Miles rewarded are adjusted automatically according to the booked Fare Family (discount / standard / premium). View our Earning Miles page for more information.

For more information or customer assistance please contact us.

Terms & Conditions

About your Membership...
• Each individual may enroll once in the Ariana Loyalty Club Miles program. Corporations, partnerships and/or other entities may not enroll as participants. Ariana Loyalty Club Miles are not transferable and may not be combined or pooled among Ariana Loyalty Club Miles members. Upon enrollment, members will be assigned a personal Ariana Loyalty Club Miles account number. No retroactive credit will be given prior to the enrollment date.
Statements (E-Statements) are available online. E-Statements include a summary of account activity as well as program updates.
• In order to protect the security of each member, legal name change requests must be submitted in writing to the Ariana Loyalty Club Miles Members Service Center, along with the account number and members signature. Members are responsible for keeping their name, e-mail and mailing addresses current. Member information changes must be made by logging into your Frequent Flyer Ariana Loyalty Club Miles account and updating your profile. Failure to update member information may result in the cancellation of further mailings until current information is provided.
• Ariana Afghan Airlines reserves the right to audit any and all Ariana Loyalty Club Miles accounts for compliance with the rules set forth in this guide at any time, without notice to the program member. In the event that the audit reveals discrepancies, penalties will apply, and the processing of award requests may be delayed until the discrepancies are resolved.
• Ariana Afghan Airlines also reserves the right to disqualify any person from participation in the Ariana Loyalty Club Miles program if, in the sole judgment of Ariana Afghan Airlines, with or without cause.
• Ariana Afghan Airlines is solely responsible for the interpretation and application of the policies and procedures communicated in this guide and elsewhere to Ariana Loyalty Club Miles members. All determinations by Ariana Afghan Airlines shall be final and conclusive in each case.

Important Notice
• The Ariana Loyalty Club Miles Frequent Flyer program official rules, partners, special offers, blackout dates, awards and mileage levels, and service fees are subject to change with or without prior notice.
• Ariana Afghan Airlines reserves the right to retroactively terminate the Ariana Loyalty Club Miles program or portions of the program at any time. This means that regardless of your level of activity in the program, your ability to accumulate Ariana Loyalty Club Miles or claim awards can be terminated with or without prior notice. No substitute program or offer will be made to compensate for the inability to participate in the Ariana Loyalty Club Miles program.
• Some awards are capacity-controlled and subject to blackout dates, which may limit the number of seats available.
• Service by Ariana Afghan Airlines to specific locations is subject to discontinuance with or without notice to the program members. In addition, members may not be able to obtain certain types of awards.
• Any Ariana Loyalty Club Miles partner may discontinue or change its participation in the program with or without prior notice. Ariana Afghan Airlines is not responsible for products and services provided by Ariana Loyalty Club Miles partners.

Loyalty Club Miles
• Loyalty Club Awards, including upgrades, are subject to capacity controls. Ariana Afghan Airlines and its partners may limit the number of seats allocated per flight to award recipients. The number of seats varies depending upon flight, date, season, and destination. If the class of service applicable to the award is not available, another flight, date, or destination may be selected. Reserving a revenue seat for an award ticket may result in a canceled reservation and denial of boarding. Other partner awards, such as hotel discounts, may also be subject to capacity controls and blackouts, as determined by the individual partner. Combining awards for Back-To-Back tickets is not permitted.
• Unearned awards will become void, and any tickets issued for such may require payment of the final fare.
• All earned miles will be valid for a maximum of 36 months. Unused miles will automatically expire after that time.
When traveling on a Ariana Loyalty Club Miles award ticket, changes to the point of origin, destination, or stopover may be permitted for a service fee, provided the new itinerary is still within the valid travel areas allowed by the original award.
• In the event of a flight cancellation or other irregularity, award travel will be rescheduled only on the airline for which the ticket was issued. Additionally, Ariana Afghan Airlines and its airline partners will not be responsible for passenger expenses incurred due to flight cancellation or irregularity, including tickets purchased on other airlines, accommodations, or any other expenses.
• Awards are not valid for use in conjunction with any other discount or special offer. They may not be combined with other certificates or awards.
• Awards are subject to governmental approval and are void where prohibited by law.
• Payment of all taxes applicable to awards and the disclosure to the appropriate government authorities are the sole responsibility of the member.

Rules for Earning Ariana Loyalty Club Miles
• The appropriate Ariana Loyalty Club Miles will be credited to your account within fourteen days of completed travel with Ariana Afghan Airlines.
Miles rewarded are adjusted automatically according to the booked Fare Family (economy / business).
• Ariana Loyalty Club Miles may only be earned for tickets purchased for travel on regularly scheduled flights and published routes. Voluntary flight connections for the purpose of earning additional Loyalty Club Miles is not permitted.
• Ariana Afghan Airlines at its discretion may also exclude certain types of paid tickets from credit eligibility. These include, but are not limited to, unused tickets, travel industry discounts, charters, back-to-back tickets, tickets obtained or used in a fraudulent manner and any other fares/tickets that may later be specified by Ariana Afghan Airlines, with or without notice. Ariana Loyalty Club Miles accrued for any of these reasons may be subsequently deducted from the account.
• Tickets issued on the following basis are not eligible to earn Ariana Loyalty Club Miles: FOC, OCS, Promotional Discount, Employee Discount and Frequent Flyer Redemption.
• Ariana Loyalty Club Miles may only be earned on tickets for flights shown in the members name.
• Flights will only be credited once for each qualifying flight flown, regardless of the number of tickets your purchase.
• Members of other frequent traveler programs cannot receive credit in both programs for the same flight unless stated otherwise. After a flight departs, changes to the selection of a frequent traveler program for earning Ariana Loyalty Club Miles will not be accepted.
• If your Ariana Afghan Airlines flight is canceled, the following will apply:
• If you are rescheduled on Ariana Afghan Airlines you will receive Ariana Loyalty Club Miles for the new itinerary flown.
• If you are rescheduled on another carrier, you will receive credit for your originally scheduled flight(s).
• If you elect not to travel, you will not receive credit.
• If you do not include your Frequent Flyer number at the time you book your tickets, you can request the rewards be applied to your account after you have traveled. These requests must be submitted within 90 days of the travel date. Requests received later than 90 days after travel date will not be rewarded.