Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits for booking through the Ariana system?

Ariana certified agents are the only agents who may book through our private web-booking engine. This gives you access to premium fare discounts, centralized electronic billing, online account management, and generous bonus programs.

Must I be a large agency to gain certification?


Can I get certified if I do not have a PC?


Is there an application fee?


Is there a deposit required?

There is no deposit required unless your account is set up as a debit account.

How will I make payments to Ariana?

Payments can be made directly to Ariana payment locations or via wire transfer.

Can my certification be canceled?

In some cases it may be necessary, in the case of suspected fraud or strategic change of vision, to terminate an account. Ariana will notify certificate holders in advance of such action and reserves the right to recall certificates at its discretion.

Can I still sell tickets for other carriers?


How do I book reservations on Ariana?

We have an Internet-based reservation system that you may use.

Do I need to be Sabre certified?


Are there bonuses for outstanding performance?


Do I get to travel for free on Ariana?

Yes, subject to achieving certain productivity levels. Conditions apply.

Do I get discounted personal travel?

Yes. Conditions apply.